This course is designed for beginners as well as experienced  traders,the
 very basic entry into the stock market up to advanced level. 


We will make sure to teach you every step and will make sure that you

understand the concept. All theory classes followed by practical lessons.


Course curriculum - 25 hours class

Part one

All you wanted to know about stock market begins from here. This section introduces you to the financial world and stock market

  1.  Entry into stock market and how the trading happens.
  2. Technical terms related to financial  & stock market and their explanation
  3. Essential Steps to pick up value stocks that gives multi fold returns.
  4. How to analyze the value of a company using fundamental analysis
  5. News reading - How to  evaluate the financial market news.
  6.  Business sectors - How the performance of sectors and industries affecting the market.
  7. Company classification.
  8. The International and Indian stock market.

Part two.

Sometimes market goes up sometimes just opposite. Can we predict?."Yes we can" . Using Technical Analysis we can predict the price movement up to certain level. 

  1. Introduction to Technical analysis.
  2. The candle stick magic and chart formation basic.
  3. The art of drawing trend line.
  4. Chart patterns.
  5. Predict the Target price using charts.
  6. Indicators and their impact.

Part Three 

  1. Derivative Trading 
  2. Once you master the Technical Analysis here is a chance to explore the market
  3. The application of Technical Analysis in Derivative Trading
  4. A special section dedicated to Futures and options. 


Reading will help you a lot to take correct decisions






The more you learn, less risk, more profit




Studying Technical Analysis will help you

to take a step ahead of others




Before sit in front of the trading screen

make sure you learn the art of trading.



We are here to assist and help you, to achieve

 your goals  in learning to trade in stock market .